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Giving The Gift of Health: 5 Healthy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2019 by Dr. Rob0


Take a break from the old standard, and let HealthView offer a few ways to pamper yourself and your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with gifts that won’t leave you with regret or wilting flowers a week later.


  1. Massage Therapy Gift Certificate

Massage Therapy Burlington

If you or your partner are active – you know how tight and tense your muscles can get.  Sometimes a massage is just the perfect solution to ease a tired body and mind.  Not only is it a great way to relax, but it could increase his/her performance in the gym.  If you aren’t as active as you like, a massage by an RMT will help to loosen those muscles and make you feel a thousand times better!   A HealthView gift certificate is the perfect solution for it!  Our Registered Massage Therapists will find the best way to ease those aching muscles!  Why not consider a couples massage?  You could BOTH walk out feeling relaxed and energized.  Call us at 905-634-VIEW to find out how you can get one!



  1. Fitness Tracker

Massage Therapy Burlington

Now, this is only meant with the best intentions!  For a lot of people, fitness trackers are a good way to monitor your journey and help you understand just how active you are.  They don’t have to be expensive – and can assist you in keeping “track” of your steps, calories burned and even the amount of restful sleep you are getting.


  1. A Romantic (But Healthy) Dinner

Massage Therapy BurlingtonConsider something as simple as a nice meal – prepared at home.  Perhaps something a little more special than the usual fare though.  Some nutritionists suggest you go “lean & green” – meaning a meal consisting of a lean protein like salmon or flank steak, coupled with some broccoli, green beans or cauliflower.


  1. Couples Yoga Class

Massage Therapy BurlingtonThe couple that stretches together – stays together?  Studies show that yoga can increase your flexibility, strength and cardiovascular function.  It can also improve your mood – which is NEVER a bad thing, especially when the February blues start to set in.


  1. Go Ice Skating

Massage Therapy BurlingtonSure it can be cold outside, but there is no better time to find a local skating rink and take part in a great low impact workout together!  Make sure you stretch beforehand, and dress according to the conditions – but its a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and each others company.  And afterwards – make sure you grab some hot chocolate with a few extra marshmallows!


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