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An orthotic is a foot-supporting device also known as a custom insole that comfortably fit into shoes. They are designed to support and improve the functioning of the feet. Foot orthotics allow the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet to function at their optimal potential for our body weight, structure, walking pattern and life styles.

When appropriately prescribed and manufactured, foot orthotics can decrease pain and discomfort in the foot, ankles, knees, hips and back. They increase our stability prevent further progression of bony deformities, soft tissue pain, burning and numbness and help to improve overall quality of life in activities of daily living. Athletes often benefit from orthotics as they can help to maximize performance during sport.

Remember, foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored! Pain in our feet often is associated with other pains in our lower limbs; all due to poor inherent foot biomechanics.

With a foot orthotic supporting the three main arches of the foot the muscles and tendons are able to work within their intended range of motions (ROMs) and the risk of causing injury or furthering one is limited.


For orthotics to be successful, a skilled and thorough assessment is required. Dr, Vendrasco uses the folowing assessment techniques in the perscription of orthotics.:

– state of the art technology of a computerized gait scan analysis
– a clinical examination of your feet, lower extremities and gait pattern
– a foam inpression of your feet corrected to sub-talor neutral

Using the negative impression to form a plaster poistive mould, together with informatoion obtained from the computerized gait analysis and clinical examination, your custom foot orthotics are designed.


Custom Foot Orthotics help in providing relief for painful foot problems or an injury, especially for those who must walk, or stand excessively on the job or in every day activities.

The mechanical properties of the Custom Foot Orthotic help to maintain the normal positioning of the bones in the foot, ankle and knees leading up to the hips and lower back. The muscles and ligaments holding these bones in their proper alignment are prevented from over stretching and becoming lax over time.

With enough functional correction from a Custom Foot Orthotic, the foot structure can be aligned to give more propulsion, making walking, running and even cycling more efficient biomechanical.

Along with aligning the foot structure, the Custom Foot Orthotic reduces muscular fatigue and helps to promote more efficient muscle performance thus enhancing performance during the gait cycle.